Community Health — Health of Population, Groups, and Communities

When different measures are applied for the well-being of the community as a whole in an organized manner is known as community health or public health.

It may be defined as all such activities which are contributing towards the improvement of the health of the community and focus on the improvement, maintenance, and protection of the health status of population groups and communities.

Activities involved in community health services

  1. These maintain the sanitation of the environment by supplying safe drinking water and proper sewage disposal.
  2. Providing facilities for the prevention and control of infectious diseases like arrangement of vaccination campaigns, isolation of diseased cases, and giving of treatment.
  3. It is providing maternity and child health services.
  4. Providing school health education, nutrition education, and family welfare.

Agencies for community healthcare

  • Health Deptt.
  • Family Welfare Deptt.
  • Sanitation Deptt.
  • Education Deptt.

Various activities under the community health program are as stated under


Mass vaccination against cholera, smallpox, typhoid, tuberculosis, tetanus, etc. comes under vaccination. These facilities are available to everybody.


Unhygienic surroundings breed diseases. Polluted and contaminated sources of drinking water and disposal of garbage are the chief sources of diseases. It includes-

  • Safe water supply
  • Waste disposal through compost pits
  • Prevention of insect-breeding places
  • Prevention of air pollution


The water used for drinking should be sterilized and foods should be heated before taking. It includes the statistically complete destruction of all microorganisms including the most resistant bacteria and their spores.

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Medical care

(a) Treatment and hospitalization of sick persons.

(b) Personal contacts and printed materials for health education.

Maternal and child health and family planning

(a) Routine examination of pregnant ladies.

(b) Delivery of child, infant, and postnatal care.

(c) Prophylaxis against anemia and vitamin deficiency.

(d) Family planning advice.

(e) Visits and immunization.

School health services

School Health Services - children education in school
Child health education

(a) Medical checkup and treatment of students.

(b) Immunization.

(c) School sanitation.

(d) School lunch or mid-day meal.

(e) Health instruction.

(f) Sexual health and sex education.

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