Solution and it’s related terms % w/w | % v/v | % w/v

What is the solution?

When two or more chemically non-reacting substances are mixed together to form a homogeneous mixture. Then that mixture is known as a solution.

When the solution is composed of only two chemical substances then that is known as a binary solution.

Generally, the component which is present in a smaller amount (in terms of mole) then it is called a solute. While the component which is present in a larger amount called the solvent.

If the solvent is water then the solution is known as an aqueous solution.

The physical state of solvent and solvent and solution is always the same.

Terms to express the concentration of a solution

% w/w or % by mass

5 % glucose aqueous solution means; 5-gram glucose present in 100-gram solution.

%v/v or % by volume

10% ethanol solution means; 10 mL ethanol present in 100 mL solution.

% w/v or % strength

12% w/v urea solution means; 12-gram urea present in 100 mL solution.

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