Fresh Ginger vs Dried Ginger

Generally, people take ginger in two edible forms namely, they are called fresh ginger and dry ginger (Sunthi). Both of them are used for their different behavior of affecting your health in different seasons and situations.

Fresh ginger

  • It helps in improving peripheral circulation and induces sweating to flush body toxins.
  • It helps in reducing menstrual cramps, for this make a hot tea
  • When you feel an aggravated Vata.
  • Used as a mild laxative.

Dry ginger

  • In comparison to fresh ginger, dry ginger is easy to digest.
  • It is bowel binding in nature as opposed to fresh ginger.
  • Sluggish digestion (indication of ama or toxins in the body).
  • Clearing Kapha (excess mucus or water retention) in the body.
  • Also used for high inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.

It is a better stimulant and expectorant for reducing Kapha and boosting Agni.

When we compare both, dry ginger can be used in all seasons as a spice or medicine.

“Take a liter of water, add half tsp of dry ginger and boil it until it reduces to 750 ml (¼th gets boiled and ¾th remains),” then “sip on it throughout the day during cold”.

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